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Rebecca W.
Books, Travel, and Adventure are my passion! While I love to travel its not an option for me right now. My book-loving friends are all far away and it drives the family crazy when I obsess over a book. My whole life changed when I found the online book community. I found my tribe! Now I am lucky enough that I can share my love of great stories or even my aggravation with book friends from all over the world! I am a reader first. I'm always getting lost in new worlds and experiencing new adventures.

Once I started connecting with authors online (Yes, that's really a thing! It might have turned me into a stalker though.) I learned the importance of reviewing. Reviews are the greatest gift you can give an author to show your appreciation for their work. It doesn't have to be eloquent or elaborate... I really liked this book because... is good enough.

A Blogger friend then invited me to join her team. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much, but at some point, I decided to branch off on my own and focus on books that I love. Hence I started Read It Review book blog. It was an opportunity to find my voice and share it with more people. I still love doing that and my blog baby isn't going anywhere.

Through my blogging, I built relationships with the authors I was reading (remember that stalking comment) and new opportunities presented themselves I was invited to join street teams and ARC teams. Do you know how great it feels when you are dying for an upcoming book and you get a copy days or even weeks before it's release??? Just for doing what you already do... Leaving an honest review?! It's like hitting the lottery!

Just so you know those teams are networking gold mine! Through them, I met countless bloggers who all love the same thing I do... BOOKS!  Each one with their own style and personality. It was through one of those teams that Jackie and I met, and I will be forever grateful.   

It is rare to find someone you can have an authentic conversation with and even agree to disagree sometimes. (Having someone you can call at 1 am freaking out about what some character just did is priceless!) Someone who will blow up your DM because an ARC request form was posted for a book you desperately want to read. That is a QUALITY BOOK BESTIE!

She came with a bonus, her blog partner Kaylee. We all probably love romance but there are other genres with great writers and epic stories. The great thing about our team is at least one of us reads most of them. So if you have a craving for something different there is always someone to ask. That is kinda what got us here. 

While both of our blogs share reviews and help promote authors we love, we were looking for a platform to build a community of readers, bloggers, and authors, a place we can have authentic conversations about books and share ideas #Uncensored and #DramaFree! And... Adventures in Ink is born.

Jackie R.

About Jackie

Florida girl born and raised, I’m a 28 year old book addict who also loves adventure, dancing, and writing. Blogging has always been one of my favorite pastimes as I love to share my favorite books with people just like me.
Books are my escape from real life. They take me on so many different adventures that I wouldn’t otherwise experience. They take me places that I might not be able to go without them. Authors are my heroes, and without them, my life wouldn’t be the same.
I love what I do, and I’m so excited to do what I love, reading and blogging, with friends that feel the same way. They share the same passion I do for books and adventure.
I joined the book community back in 2010, and I don’t see myself leaving it anytime soon. When I started my blog, Fire and Ice Book Reviews, all those years ago, I never thought it would help take me on a journey where I would meet so many people that love books just as much as I do, nor did I think I would become friends with some of the authors that write all of those amazing books. 

Meeting Kaylee, and later Rebecca was the best. Having a book bestie that I can spend hours on the phone with talking about the latest book we devoured, or what books we are excited for next is amazing to me. Starting a blog with all of these ladies is incredible too. So many different points of views about so many different books is just one reason why I’m happy to do what I do. 

Welcome to our blog! I hope you enjoy our content. We love what we do, and we are excited to be sharing it with others! 

Kaylee N.

I'm a married mom of 3 grown children.
I enjoy reading and interacting with authors.
When I can I love to share about the books and authors I enjoy reading about.  
When I am looking for my next read I always have my go-to authors that I read or re-read their books.
My weakness read is Secret Baby/Babies.  I get that fix through Harlequin books. 
I'm on several review teams.

I'm also a Virtual Personal Assistant to some Authors. 

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